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Our day trip to Rome starts early on a sunny Saturday morning, meeting at the station ready to take the high speed Freccia at 7.45. Just over an hour later we arrive in Rome, ready to see as many sights as possible in one day. First we decide to take a bus over to the other side of the city, and starting at the Vatican work our way across the city by foot seeing the main sights on the way. We arrive at St. Peter’s Square, and luckily as it is not yet 10am we have a view free from tourists to admire the Basilica.

Our next stop is Castel Sant’Angelo. But just after we enter the castle a thunderstorm strikes- we have to stay on the second level to avoid getting soaked, but there’s a great view of the lightning over Rome! After it eases we head up to the top for the view, before making our way back down and wandering across the river towards the centre. The first thing we see is Piazza Navona; this stunning square with several fountains along its length and the beautiful baroque church of Sant’Agnese is not to be missed, and we soak up the bustling atmosphere.

By now we’re feeling a bit hungry- in Italy this obviously means it’s time for a gelato and a slice of pizza, so we find a little cafe to sit in and enjoy some food. But not for long as we still have many things to see! Our next stop if the Pantheon, and luckily the queue to get in is very short. After admiring the Pantheon we move on to the Trevi Fountain, where after being accosted by the street vendors, several of the children gave in to buying “squishy pig.” After a badly aimed of throw of squishy pig at a wall ended up hitting one of the street vendors (and the high quality manufacturing of squishy pig ensured that he did not stay in one piece and exploded everywhere), we had to make a quick escape.

After visiting the beautiful Spanish steps, we make the obligatory stop at the Hard Rock Cafe, and several students buy t-shirts to add to their collections. Our final destination for the day is the Colosseum. After a short trip on the metro, we arrive at the station just next to the Colosseum, and prepare to wait in the queue in the sun. Thankfully it was only half an hour wait, and once we were inside we decided to relax in the evening sun for an hour. All too soon the day was over and we had to take the train back to Florence. This was a fun packed day, full of interesting sights to see and things to do. We hope to visit Rome again in the coming weeks with our students, and we hope you will join us!