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Europass Language Academy

Europass Language Academy was created in 2019 to make the most of the 25-year long experience of Europass Italian Language School. Born to organize courses of Italian for foreigners in Florence (Italy), over the time Europass Italian Language School has acquired expertise in three separate areas:

  • it has progressively connected with other Language Schools in Europe, and created a network of high-quality Schools specialized in language courses;
  • it has started organizing courses of training and professional development for teachers and other workers in the education sector, thus creating Europass Teacher Academy;
  • it has become active as an intermediary organization in the field of mobility programmes for Internships and Placement funded by the European Union.

Strong of this long experience, Europass Language Academy is now ready to offer its services for groups traveling together across Europe (e.g., classes of primary or secondary schools students) or from all around the world (e.g., groups of teachers from a same school or country), and to work as a consultant for mobility projects of internship and placement within the European Union.