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Italian in Florence

Tuscany is a fascinating region containing almost half of Italy’s artistic heritage and breathtaking landscapes that thanks to its good weather it is possible to visit all year round. It’s said that Tuscany is the garden of Europe, and Florence is the flower in the garden. Florence is not only the regional capital of Tuscany but it’s also the motherland of Renaissance, art, stunning architecture and exquisite gastronomy.

Whether you are looking for the best place to learn or improve the Italian language or planing an exciting learning holiday, why not start at the heart of Italy? Florence has it all, spectacular churches, brilliant museums, impressive markets and delicious food; making it an excellent choice for a study abroad program as well as wonderful option for a full immersion in the Italian culture and its language.

Italian courses

Our Italian courses focus on improving all 4 areas of the Italian language: listening, reading, speaking and writing. However, our method emphasises on conversation and pronunciation activities that help our students expand their vocabulary making them feel comfortable with real life situations.

With a maximum of 15 students per class, we have the right mix of nationalities and ages in our classrooms, giving our students the opportunity to experience and learn about other cultures and to make friends from all over the world.

We offer short-term and long-term courses and we cater for all levels from Elementary to Advanced. The school is located in the centre of the city with easy access to public transport and close to many tourist attractions and entertainment. We are proud to offer a dynamic and friendly environment in a school founded by highly experienced teachers.


This syllabus consist of 15 hours of tuition per week, (Monday to Friday), and our students can either study in the morning or in the afternoon time. Using the latest available technology in our classrooms, such as tablets, laptops and interactive whiteboards, our students will learn how to communicate successfully with the ability to use language accurately and fluently. All levels available (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1) and we offer small groups of maximum 15 students per class.


This Intensive Italian course includes 30 hours of tuition per week and has been designed for students willing to have more time in the classroom in order to increase their focus on particular areas of the Italian language offering a total language immersion. All levels available (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1) and we offer small groups of maximum 15 students per class.


Do you need a specific course for your mobility project? Are you looking for training on specific learning outcomes, or conversational topics? Is your group travelling with particular time constraints? Do you need more (or less) intense teaching, or specific social activities?

Write us! We really care about meeting your most specific demands, and we’ll do our best to comply with your requests. We offer a variety of options customized for your mobility project.